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This is great, but only works when the macro in question was designed to accept the "rich text" XHTML generated by another macro. For example, but the SQL Query macro can't take macro output as its input.


Dynamic Wrapper Macros

Why would we want to send dynamic content to a macro not expecting it? Here are a few situations:

  • You are using the SQL macro to query a database, but want to use a HTTP parameter from the URL (param macro) in the query to make it dynamic. This is a simple alternative to the Self-Service Reports Plugin.
  • You want to use SQL results in Javascript in a html macro.


  • For instance, one might like to use a modern Javascript graphing library like Chart.js, fed with data from your SQL back-end.

The solution is to create a wrapper user macro that accepts rich text input, strips out any XHTML tags, and feeds the resulting plain text to the macro you're interested in.