Macro Summary

 A Confluence user macro that displays the latest Atlassian product release versions (with release notes), and release dates.

 What it looks like

Latest product versions




The Latest Atlassian Product Releases works by querying's JSON resources, at URLs such as The jQuery code can be found on bitbucket – improvements welcome.


To add this to your Confluence:

  1. Log in as an administration
  2. Search for 'user macros'
  3. Create a new macro calledatlassianversions:

    In the body, fill in:

    ## @noparams
    <h4>Latest product versions</h4>
    <table id="productTable"></table>
    <!-- Chrome refuses to load because Bitbucket sets the MIME type to text/plain, not text/javascript:  <script type="text/javascript" src=""> -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="">
    // This line intentionally left blank -


  4. Save the macro.

Then on a test page, insert the macro:

Done! You might also like to display this on your Confluence dashboard.


  1. Anonymous

    Hello Folks. Your macro was very useful to us .. but it seems to have disappeared .. 



  2. Thanks for the note, anonymous, the file has been restored.