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JIRA and Confluence can do authentication against LDAP (e.g. Active Directory), using the standard Java JNDI library. When you're having LDAP connectivity problems, the ldapsearch command can sometimes be useful as a means of verifying your LDAP parameters.

Getting and configuring ldapsearch

On Ubuntu/Debian: 

apt-get install ldap-utils


yum install openldap-clients

Furthermore on CentOS/RHEL (6.4 at least), if you want SSL/TLS to work, you'll need to edit /etc/openldap/ldap.conf and add the lines:

TLS_CACERT /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt

See the mentioned URL for why.

Sample query

If the Use SSL box is checked (typically port 636):

ldapsearch \
-LL -x -z5 \
-H ldaps:// \
-D 'CN=svcLDAPquery,CN=Managed Service Accounts,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com' \
-w "s3cret" \
-b 'OU=Internal,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com' \
-s sub \
'(&(objectCategory=Person)(sAMAccountName=*))' \
sAMAccountName displayName givenname sn mail 

This displays results in the form:

dn: CN=Jeff Turner,OU=RedRadish,OU=Contractors,OU=Internal,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com
sn: Turner
givenName: Jeff
displayName: Jeff Turner
sAMAccountName: jeff.redradish_ext
mail: [email protected]

The query does a subtree ( -s sub ) search for all nodes below OU=Internal,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com, returning the sAMAccountName (i.e. username), full name, first name and email attributes for each. It is limited to 5 results ( -z5 ).

LDAP's startTLS extension also allows a connection on port 389 to be upgraded to TLS ( ldapsearch -ZZ ) but I can find no evidence that JIRA/Confluence support this.


If you can see the existing JIRA/Confluence User Directory, the properties map to ldapsearch parameters as follows:

Auto-generating ldapsearch commands

If you're using PostgreSQL as the database, you can generate the correct ldapsearch command directly from the database. Save this SQL to a file, crowd_to_ldapsearch.sql:

WITH ldap AS (
    select * from crosstab('select directory_id, attribute_name, attribute_value from cwd_directory_attribute order by 1,2',
        $$values ('ldap.url'),
    AS ct(directory_id int,
        "url" varchar,
        "userdn" varchar,
        "password" varchar,
        "basedn" varchar,
        "user.dn" varchar,
        "user.filter" varchar,
        "user.username" varchar,
        "user.displayname" varchar,
        "" varchar,
        "user.firstname" varchar,
        "user.lastname" varchar)
SELECT '# For directory ' || directory_id ||'
ldapsearch \
-LL -x -z5 \
-H ' || url || ' \
-D ''' || userdn || ''' \
-w ''' || password || ''' \
-b ''' || CASE "user.dn" WHEN '' THEN basedn ELSE "user.dn" || ',' || basedn END || ''' \
-s sub \
''' || "user.filter" || ''' '
 || "user.username" || ' ' ||
"user.displayname" || ' ' ||
"user.firstname" || ' ' ||
"user.lastname" || ' ' ||
FROM ldap;

and run it against your JIRA database as the 'postgres' user (or equivalent superuser able to enable extensions):

psql -tAq jira < /tmp/crowd_to_ldapsearch.sql

The output is one ldapsearch command per LDAP directory configured:

$ psql -tAq < ~/crowd_to_ldapsearch.sql 
# For directory 10000
ldapsearch \
-LL -x -z5 \
-H ldaps:// \
-D 'CN=svcLDAPquery,CN=Managed Service Accounts,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com' \
-b 'OU=Internal,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com' \
-s sub \
'(&(objectCategory=Person)(sAMAccountName=*))' sAMAccountName displayName givenName sn mail
Time: 2.063 ms