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Comment: Clarify output


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BROWSER='echo %s' jirashell --server --consumer-key monitor-jira-license --key-cert rsa.pem --oauth-dance

This should print a URL:

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Your browser is opening the OAuth authorization for this client session.
Have you authorized this program to connect on your behalf to (y/n)

titleGetting 'oauth_token' instead of a URL?

If, instead of printing a URL, the jirashell command just prints:

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That means your consumer-key does not exist in Jira (perhaps you copy & pasted the example without substituting yours?). This is an error reporting bug in jirashell.


titleWhy BROWSER='echo %s'..

Jirashell would normally try to launch your preferred web browser, using the webbrowser library. By setting the BROWSER env variable, we tell Python not to bother, and just print the URL for us to manually cut & paste. This is required for server environments, where lynx isn't able to deal with Jira's Javascript.



At this point you need to decide which JIRA user you want to grant OAuth access as. For most scripts you should create a dedicated JIRA role account with reduced privileges. Log out and back in to JIRA as that user, (or use switchuser.jsp) then open the link: