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Sometimes administrators need to temporarily 'log in as' a particular user, in order to debug some problem. There is the SU for Jira/Confluence plugin for this, and the Switch to a different user built-in script in the ScriptRunner plugin.

But if you're cheap or lazy, a JSP file (switchuser.jsp for Jira or switchuser.jsp for Confluence) in the right place will do the job fine, although the UI is not that flash:

Just drop it into the right directory:

For Confluence

cd /opt/atlassian/confluence/$version/confluence/admin/
curl -LOJ '!api/2.0/snippets/redradish/9erqRX/8377bee3991a9272f2d2da9669f6ca7c9d6a9fda/files/switchuser.jsp'
chown root:confluence switchuser.jsp


cd /opt/atlassian/jira/$version/atlassian-jira/secure/admin/
curl -LOJ '!api/2.0/snippets/redradish/Re98Xk/11bbaa7aec4a32c9e035cc939daeb97648e24820/files/switchuser.jsp'
chown root:jira switchuser.jsp

These JSPs work with Okta (unlike ScriptRunner - see SRPLAT-192), and will also pacify websudo initially, so you are not prompted for the user's password when doing certain admin operations.


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