About Red Radish Consulting

Red Radish Inc. was founded in 2010 in San Francisco, California, by ex-Atlassian staffer Emily. Later joined by Jo-Anne, a Canadian, and Jeff Turner, another ex-Atlassian from Australia, our merry international band of consultants worked on everything from training, configuration and upgrades to plugin development and system administration tasks.

In mid 2013, Emily left to indulge her Python programming addiction at a San Francisco startup. To support our clients, Jeff started Red Radish Australia as a legally-distinct-but-otherwise-the-same continuation of its parent, Red Radish Inc.

Jeff worked at Atlassian from 2003 to 2009. Initially working as a JIRA programmer, Jeff soon found his true passion to be helping customers, and became Atlassian's first dedicated JIRA support engineer (later doing stints on Confluence and Cloud support). In 2010 Jeff embarked on his consulting career, using his experience to help clients benefit from the amazing flexibility of Atlassian's products.

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Our Values

Initially, when our founders were fresh from Atlassian and didn't really know another corporate Way, Red Radish adopted the Atlassian values. We still think they're great! But as we've grown, we've added a few more:

  • Be stretchy We are flexible – every customer is different and we strive to accommodate their individual needs.
  • Find the best way We are informal, but professional – no suits, just plenty of solutions.
  • Love your job We love solving your Atlassian puzzles as if they were our own.
  • Always be a student We are always learning – we hope to learn something from each person we are fortunate enough to work with!

Thank you for considering our team for your Atlassian project!

Worth 1000 Words

To give you a better feel for our team, we've created this collage of some of our local icons and favorite things.

Hover over an image to see what it means to us.

Have fun!


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