JIRA Reporting scripts

Wouldn't it be nice to see the total Story Points resolved in your last sprint? Or see how many hours' work developers logged? Scripts to achieve this and more are now in our growing JIRA REST-based Reporting Scripts library!

Hello World!

Welcome to Red Radish Consulting's shiny new website! Now powered by a minimal, hand-crafted Confluence theme, the development of which might be the topic of blog post #2.

Why build a website on Confluence? We do a lot of work extending JIRA and Confluence in neat ways, and if something benefits one customer, it very likely could benefit another. I've always wanted an "open by default" company that shares technical detail with customers and the wider Atlassian ecosystem. Confluence makes an ideal sharing platform. Over time we'll be filling out the Radish Knowledge Base section, and blogging anything we find interesting.

More philosophically: what defines Atlassian products, for me, is that they are not black boxes. You can tinker with them, extend and customize them. You have the source code. You are in control. Please think for a moment how rare this is. In today's SaaS landscape, most software vendors are rushing to the "service" subscription model. Atlassian's commercial competitors are all SaaS. Even Atlassian is pushing customers this way.

Like all freedoms, "freedom to tinker" is something we use or lose. We, Atlassian customers and partners, need to value flexibility and openness in our tools. I hope this little website can promote that goal.